Woman attempts to swim from Florida to Cuba

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Chloe McCardel is an Aussie who swims as good as she looks.

She`s done the English Channel six times, and she`s completed two double-crosses, swimming from England to France and back again.

But now she wants to do something that`s never been done:  swimming from Florida to Cuba, without a shark cage.

That`s right. An open swim from Key West to Havana, about 100 miles.

It won`t be an easy swim. In fact, it will be fraught with so many challenges.

`Well, as you said, there are so many challenges, the shark fish, the jellyfish, even the Gulf Stream, which is really strong and often quite unpredictable,’ she said. ‘But I think the really hardest thing for me is probably going to be the jellyfish `cause valiant attempts has come up against some really giant jellyfish.’

Well, Chloe, Newsie and Fixie say you may solve your jellyfish problem with a little peanut butter, you know, as in peanut butter and jellyfish.

Yeah, that was pretty cute, but now Newsie and Fixie are trying to find a way to nicely tell McCardel that she`s going the wrong way.  Cubans are doing whatever they can to get away from the island.

Let`s hope she doesn`t pass one of those home-made rafts on her way to Havana. That would really be embarrassing.

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