16 states hit population milestone

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AUSTIN, TX – Like a scene from Revenge of the Nerds numbers crunchers’ in the U.S. are giddy.

What could cause this type of glee?  A ‘population milestone.’

If you’re asking, “What’s that?”  You’re not alone. A population milestone is when the population number ends in at least four zeros like 4,230,000 or 19,560,000.

This info comes from the analysts at On Numbers who have a computer program that can calculate populations at any given moment. This month, sixteen states including Texas, will reach a population milestone. The Lone Star state is expected to reach 26.39 million people.

With the population boom our state is experiencing we’ve been achieving the majestic ‘four zero’ milestone every couple of months for the last few years. Though that may be boring to most, you know the number nerds are lovin’ us.

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