Priest gets stuck in handcuffs and a gag, calls 911

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – Our father, who art in handcuffs…how the hell did you get in them?

Many questions surround the leave of absence taken by a catholic priest in Illinois, following the clergyman’s confusing call to 911, when he claimed to be stuck in handcuffs.

During the conversation between Father Thomas Donovan of St. Aloysius Church and a telephone emergency dispatcher, the polite but panicked priest tries to get his point across; but not only was he handcuffed, Donovan was later found to have some sort of gag around his mouth.

The clergyman confessed to playing with the cuffs, but was it carelessness or kinkiness that got him in this bind? At the end of the call, Donovan was able to mumble out his location of his church and help was promptly deployed.

The Catholic Diocese is being tight lipped about what happened to the clergy man. But the priest in the collar, who was also bound and gagged remained calm throughout the phone call.

In the end, the holy man tied down with idle hands needed more than the keys to the kingdom to get him out of his cuffs. And what he was doing with them in the first place God only knows.

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