Thieves steal truck, use it in smash-and-grab

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HOUSTON, TX – Two men are accused in a smash-and-grab of a convenience store at Mesa and Linda Vista in northeast Houston. But it looks like there was a whole lotta smashin’ and not a lot of grabbin’.

Odds are, they were probably trying to get their paws on an ATM. either that, or they were under a massive snack attack.

“We got a call from Monitronics. They always call, so we check from the home. And when I checked, it was a break-in, so I called 911,” said Huma Rahman, store manager.

The suspected crooks never made it inside. As luck would have it, a police officer happened to cruise by and saw the whole thing.

“They saw everything, what was going on at the time. He was breaking in and bringing the truck back and doing it, so they caught him right away,” said Rahman.

Well, almost right away. The Houston Police Department says the driver of the truck took off, causing a brief police chase. He was nabbed after losing control of the truck and crashing into a tree. As for the passenger, he fled on foot at the scene and managed to get away.

This isn’t this store’s first episode with the law.

“One time, I think they came to rob but they shot my husband here. Thank God he’s alive. We’re very blessed,” said Rahman.

Tough break?! But that’s not enough to scare off the store owner. They plan to clean up and stay open.

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