TxDOT will continue giving directions to gun shows

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HOUSTON, TX – The gun issue just keeps coming up. Now, with the Texas Department of Transportation.

The connection? After the Newtown shooting, the TxDOT district office in Houston decided to stop using freeway message signs to direct people to gun shows. The same signs that direct people to many other events in town.

James Jones, a Houston commuter said, “I think the signs are for traffic control, and if there is a policy decision, it should be if you should have the show or not.  Not whether signs direct traffic or not.”

Austin agrees, TxDOT’s head office in the state capitol shot that idea down saying, “We will continue to use these message boards, like we did at this event and at similar events, to direct traffic and protect the public at any event meeting our established criteria.”

Allie Jones, who drives on Houston’s streets said, “The signs don’t effect whether the show is happening or not and they just help people figure out where to go, especially out of town.”

Gun show organizers, are little less concerned about the signs.

Mary Bean, with High Caliber Gun & Knife Shows Inc. said, “We do not rely on the TX DOT signs as advertisement, merely as a tool for anyone unfamiliar with the Houston area to know which exit to use or the best way to avoid potential traffic.”

Jackie Jiles who lives downtown said, “I think they use this as an excuse to push their agenda.  If you’re gonna go buy a gun you’re gonna go buy a gun, whether it’s at Gander Mountain or downtown at the gun show at George R. Brown.”

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