Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House is a beautiful home built of Agua Creek sandstone that sits at the infamous address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s also the place the leader of the free world calls home.

But if those walls could talk, we’re sure they’d have a lot of dirty stories – like this one.

If TMI were in the dictionary, we’re sure you’d see Al Roker’s face right by the definition. The ‘Today Show’ co-host has been giving way too much information.

In an interview, Roker started talking about what he’s probably best known for, his weight-loss surgery. But he lost a little more than expected to a visit to the White House. Apparently Roker felt a little gasy, so he let loose. But he got a little too loose and accidentally soiled himself. It wasn’t too bad, but it was bad enough to know he was in deep…you know.

Little did we know, going number two on yourself is a common side effect of the surgery.

And if you thought the TMI was over. You’re wrong. Roker says he ended up throwing out his underwear and going commando to the White House Press Room.

Now that’s an image we just didn’t need in our head. Thanks Al!