Box of kittens found on side of snowy road

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SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH – There’s a growing problem in Sandusky County, Ohio. People are leaving boxes on the side of the road. But this isn’t a litter problem we’re talking about here.

Kelly Askins is the animal cruelty investigator for the humane society in the county. She’s the one who got the call about the box, so she sent someone to check it out. Inside the box, they found four cats. To make matters worse, it was snowing outside. So if they had been left out a bit longer, the cats wouldn’t have survived.

She’s named the cats Eeny, Meenie, Miny and Moe. And she’s hoping she can use the little survivors as an example for people to take better care of their pets.

“When you have your children, they’re your children for life. You don’t drop them off at an orphanage because the landlord where you’re moving won’t accept children. When you make a commitment to an animal, it’s the same type of commitment. It’s a lifetime commitment,” she said.