Gov. agency loses personal data of 5000 Canadians

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LONDON, ONT – It’s kind of like a scene from the new James Bond movie, the one where M loses the info on a whole bunch of terrorists.

Okay, so what happened late last year in Canada may not be the stuff of a James Bond movie, but it does have a lot of folks wondering what happened and why.

Here’s what we know: someone with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada lost a thumb drive that had personal information on about 5,000 Canadians. That agency is Canada’s version of Social Security, so you can see there`s more than a little irony to go with a lot of concern.

One concern is how long it took for someone to report the missing thumb drive. It disappeared on November 17, but wasn’t reported to Canada’s Privacy Commission until December 21.

So, with a big snow storm in Montreal, and the National Hockey League season still on ice, it looks like it’s going to be a long, cold winter for the folks in the Great White North, eh?