Houston prepares for severe weather

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HOUSTON, TX – You thought the morning commute was rough. Look what’s coming…

“This is probably the most significant rain we’re going to get in a single time over the past several months,” said Francisco Sanchez, spokesperson for Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Drought? We don’t need no stinkin’ drought! We are under a flash flood watch through tomorrow. It will dump one-to-two inches of rain for most of you, and up to seven for some. Most of it will hit tonight and in the morning.

You know, you can spit on some local roads and it will flood. That’s why the people at TranStar on alert, watching over things on their screens like those guys at NASA.

“The drive time cues, the high water locations will be the biggest concern. But as we go into Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we’ve got the potential for tornadoes, strong winds, and possibly some street flooding and possibly some bayous getting close to bank,” said Sanchez.

So be careful. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. And don’t be the idiot who thinks a car can double as a boat.