Lost cat reunited with owner after 8 years

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Here’s a bit of good news wrapped in fur. Vanilla the Siamese kitty was reunited with the Gerson family after eight and a half long years.

“I knew in my heart that he was not dead. We put up signs. We asked everyone in the neighborhood and nobody had seen him,” said Dara Gerson, Vanilla’s mom.

Vanilla ran away from home when he was still a kitten. Someway, somehow Vanilla sauntered over the Golden Gate Bridge and eventually ended up as an elderly man’s pet six miles away from home. As fate would have it, the elderly man was hospitalized this December with dementia and couldn’t take care of his pal Vanilla.

Animal control took Vanilla and scanned him for a microchip which still happened to have the Gerson’s information still on it. And the rest is history.

The Gerson’s still had a long road ahead of them. Literally. They moved five years ago to Los Angeles. That’s about 400 miles away from San Francisco. But hey, what’s 400 miles when they’d already come this far?

“He’s a big boy now. It’s crazy because I feel like he’s my son and we’re connected. He just looks different.”

Now Vanilla is heading to the City of Angels with his new-old family. Maybe they’ll keep him inside this time around.