Are Some Dogs Racist?

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They’re supposed to be man’s best friend, but have you ever noticed that some dogs prefer men of a certain color? Your usually friendly, wagging-tail canine might all of a sudden turn vicious when approaching someone of a darker skin tone. So does that mean that dogs are racist?

According to Gawker, canines can react differently to varying races, but it is not fair to label it as racism.

“Although a dog may appear to be ‘racist,’ that’s not possible. Racism requires complex thinking and other higher cognitive functions that canines simply don’t possess,” shared dog psychologist Linda Michaels. “A dog may react in fear-based aggression to a person of color for two reasons: 1. Insufficient positive associations in early socialization to people of all races; 2. A traumatic incident with a person of color that has now generalized to all people of color.”

The good news is that according to experts you can “counter train” your pooch to be accepting. And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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