Robot Takeover: Web gadgets in U.S. outnumber Americans

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USA – Well, it’s official — robots have taken over the country. Not robots like the Transformers or the Terminator, but electronic gadgets that connect you to the web.

iPhones, tablets, and game consoles now outnumber people: 425 million compared to 315 million Americans, according to the NPD Research Group.

And during Christmas week, Flurry Analytics said 604 million apps were downloaded here in the U.S., more than three times as many as any other country in the world… even China!

So what exactly is all this tech doing for us? Making us smarter? Not so much. In fact, folks would do well to sit down and do some long division once in a while. Try it, your brain will thank you.

Rely too much on tech, and you might just end up being ruled by it. Decepticons, anyone? Reason 411 for keeping not letting Smart Tabs outsmart us!