Ron Paul’s grandson arrested for underage drinking

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CHARLOTTE, NC – U.S. Senator Ron Paul has a 19-year-old grandson who’s in trouble with the law.

His name is William Hilton Paul; we’ll call him Willy.

Charlotte police say Willy was drunk and rowdy on his flight to North Carolina last weekend.

He was arrested after his flight landed at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Willy’s been charged with underage drinking, disorderly conduct and being intoxicated and disruptive.

There’s no denying being a teen can be tough, lots of temptation and pressures, so our best advice to you Willy, do like your grandpa Ron Paul and just zone it all out!

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  • unitedairforce

    The probelm with this story is that Ron Paul is a Congressman and his son, Rand Paul is a Senator……

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