Site tricks Japanese girls into drinking wine made from feces

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TOKYO, JAPAN – Talk about falling for a crappy joke!

A Japanese website called “Rocket News 24” punked five members of an all-girl group, by first enticing them to try a traditional Korean wine named “Ttongsul” but not telling the gals it’s typical ingredients, which are as follows: grain alcohol, medicinal herbs, garnished with cat bones and then flavored with chicken, dog or human poo!

The drink is also called “feces wine” and the girls from the air-band “Doppelganger” put down their imaginary instruments long enough to partake in the poop prank.

The funny thing, they were fans of it. Well, before finding out it was fermented with feces.

But the enthusiastic responses turned fouler when the group was let in on the dirty little secret.

Needless to say “Doppelganger” was disgusted. We guess the Japanese don’t call it a “gag” for nothing!