Sodium Challenge: Cut salt intake way down

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HOUSTON, TX – Maybe because the cinnamon challenge was so much fun, the American Heart Association has introduced the “Sodium Challenge.’

But don’t go swallowing a tablespoon of salt. Obviously, they want you to do the opposite.

“Americans are actually consuming more than 3500mg of sodium, which is well over a tablespoon a day,” says Dietician Nathalie Sessions Fye.

The Heart Association wants Americans to cut that down to 1/8 tsp. a day instead!

“We are asking people to look at their labels in their grocery store,” says Shelly Millwee with the Heart Association.

In a nutshell, they just want you to start paying more attention to salt. It causes high blood pressure and other health problems. So beware of what you’re eating, salt hides out in everything from breads and rolls to cold cuts, pizza, poetry and soups. It is especially prevalent in processed and packaged foods.

Forget the cookie monster, it’s salt that’s hiding out, and if you’re not careful, it will get you!