Suspect in Benghazi US consulate attack released

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TUNIS, TUNISIA – As far as we know, Ali Harzi was the only known suspect behind bars for the deadly attack on the US consulate complex in Benghazi, Libya.

But not anymore. Tunisia let him go because they had no evidence to link him to the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans last Sept. 11.

In October, authorities in turkey picked up Harzi and another man, both traveling with fake documents.

Turkey deported Harzi to Tunisia, his home country. The FBI apparently questioned him in December, but there’s no word on what they found out, if anything.

Surveillance cameras recorded the attack, but no one seems able to figure out who was tossing bombs and shooting guns. The Libyan government, such as it is, hasn`t rounded up any usual suspects. The Eyptians say they’ve detained someone with links to the attack, but US investigators say the Egyptians nabbed him for their own reasons.

So, right now, the only one taking any responsibility is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But that’s a whole ‘nuther story, one a lot of folks would like to hear.