Ticketmaster ‘glitch’ sells out Inaugural Ball early

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – As preparations are underway for President Obama’s second inauguration, many hoping to attend the Inaugural Parade or Balls were just screwed out of tickets.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the government that screwed them it was Ticketmaster.

Folks interested in attending these events had to pre-register with the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Yesterday, PIC informed registrants that they’d receive an email the next day with PINS necessary to purchase tickets. Everything was on track until Ticketmaster, the company that sells tickets 365 days a year had what they call a ‘glitch.’ This ‘glitch’ could also be called a sale.

Yep, they sold all the tickets early. Though everyone who purchased tickets was on the PIC list, the fact that the sale occurred five hours early has many irate.

Ticketmaster apologized, but emphasized tickets were on a first come first served basis, that’s code for: we know we screwed you but you can’t do anything about it.

If you missed out on tickets, at least you`ll be able to watch it on TV with the rest of America.