Great white shark spotted off Florida coast

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – It’s not even spring yet and already there’s warnings to stay out of the water because of Mary Lee!

Who’s Mary Lee? She’s a 16-foot, 3,000 pound Great White shark. Mary Lee was tagged a while back. Tagging is pretty much putting GPS on a shark, which allows scientists to track their every move in the water.

Throughout the past month, Mary Lee stayed between 10 to 20 miles off the east coast, but recently she got a little too close for comfort. She was spotted a mere 15 miles off Jacksonville, Florida’s coast.

Experts say the chances of running into Mary Lee while you’re in the water are slim, but a chance is a chance.

Another shark, Genie is also out there, but much further away–about 30 to 60 miles off the coast.

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