Idaho inmates blame it on the alcohol

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BOISE, ID – You don’t need NewsFix to tell you that getting drunk makes you do stupid stuff.

Idaho inmate Keith Brown says getting wasted is exactly why he’s wasting away in prison.

“There was nothing I wouldn’t do to keep that party going, to keep it rocking, to be the man,” said Brown.

Brown is serving a 15-year sentence for manslaughter after killing his business partner.

“He was a drinker. He was drinking a case of beer every day. He raped my wife and he shot me. In the ensuing struggle, he ended up getting killed.”

He and four other inmate plaintiffs trace their entire social, professional and legal troubles back to the first time they got drunk.

“From that point on, I just became the hellion, you know? The wild child.”

So, the inmates have filed a lawsuit against the world’s biggest beer, wine and liquor companies to the tune of one billion dollars.

Sounds like a lot, but non-profit organization says these companies rake in $90 billion a year, just in the United States.

The lawsuit claims that the booze companies failed to mention on the label that alcohol is an addictive substance.

Kind of a no-brainer, but the Surgeon General warns pregnant women not to drink, so why not add in a line that drinking too much can ruin your life, too?

As for the $1 billion figure: “You know what I did? I just scratched my head and said: make it impossible and maybe they’ll come with a settlement and put the labels on.”

None of the companies targeted in the lawsuit have responded to the $1 billion suit; probably because they have ninety billion reasons not to care.

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