‘Trek’ director grants fan’s dying wish to see film 4 months early

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NEW YORK, NY – If doctors said you had just a few weeks to live, what would you want to do? See Paris? Skydive?

For one film buff, it was to see the new Star Trek movie “Into Darkness.” Problem is– it won’t be out until May 17.

So a close friend of Dan Craft’s turned to Reddit and posted his wish across the world.

Amazingly, a day or two later, Dan’s wife Paige got a voicemail from Trek director J.J. Abrams. He said a producer would be bringing over a rough cut of the film. This, from a guy who seems to guard details of his movies with a Romulan cloaking device!

But he really did “make it so.” One night, after popping popcorn and signing about 200 non-disclosure agreements, Dan and Paige sat on their couch and watched a DVD of the movie. For a couple of hours, they forgot all about liver cancer and had a blast.

After the movie, Dan went to bed and never got up again. He died a week later.

In this age of Hollywood trying to keep every detail about projects under wraps while Generation Tweet tries to be first to spill the beans, it’s nice to hear Abrams lifted the shroud of secrecy to fulfill the dying wish of this 41-year-old film buff.

It goes to show what Hollywood has always been about– making dreams come true.

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