UPS losses holiday package, won’t reimburse sender

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HOUSTON, TX – The holidays are the busiest time of year for delivery drivers. And this year, no one’s been busier than UPS. And in spite of a 91% satisfaction rating for on-time delivery, every now and then something falls through the cracks.

Carmen Ruth has learned that all too well.

In November the Houstonian shipped four packages to her mother’s house in Georgia.

“Because I am a UPS account holder, I can pre-populate and generate prepaid labels,’ Ruth explains. ‘Unfortunately the labels I had pre-populated and generated, I couldn’t print.”

So she called the shipping giant to see how to fix the problem. According to her, a customer service rep told her to fill out handwritten labels that would work just as well.

“I then asked did I need to also put a declared value on the manual labels. The CSR advised me that that wasn’t necessary.”

So you can imagine how frustrated she was when she found out one of the packages never made it.

“They made it all the way to Doraville, Georgia, about thirty miles from the actual intended address, and then mysteriously disappeared.” She says.

What’s worse is which of the four packages turned-up missing.

“The box in question contained an iPad2 with accessories, as well as a Dell laptop.”

Over $2000 worth of electronics, she says. But UPS told her because she didn’t write the value on the shipping label, she would only be reimbursed UPS’s standard rate of $120.

“A hundred-and-twenty-dollars is not acceptable,” she tells us.

But she may have to live with it. A spokesperson for the company told us that without the declared value of the package written on the label, or the tracking number from the original form, they can’t guarantee what was lost.

Oh, and to make matters worse she says even the invoice she received for the shipment was wrong. “I’m being double charged.”

So next time you ship, make sure your labels are correct.

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