Teen finds brain inside box of KFC

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COLCHESTER, ESSEX UK – Welcome to another edition of name that food!

Where we find the most disgusting thing possible found in what most of you eat every day. Put it on your screen as big as possible and if you can hold down you dinner. You ready to play name that food?

Today we take you across the pond over to Colchester, Essex UK to be exact.

This is where Ibrahim Langoo, a 19-year-old musical theatre student, walks into a KFC with his mates to share a gladiator box meal.

Langoo was pulling his chicken off the bone when he saw what looks to be a chicken brain.

Was it a brain? That’s up to you.

KFC’s fried internal organ identification experts say it’s a kidney.

Either way it’s pretty gross!

Langoo says, ‘I never want to eat at KFC again, anywhere. I’ll eat chicken at home.”

Brain or kidney? You be the judge. See you next time on name that food!