Kate Middleton’s royal portrait unveiled, gets mixed reaction

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LONDON – She just turned 31 this week, but the party’s over for Kate Middleton after the unveiling of a doozy.

The first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge now hangs at London’s National Portrait Gallery and it’s not without its critics.

Where to begin – the eyes? The quasi-smile? Or the most obvious: she looks about a decade older.

The mess — errr, masterpiece — took renowned artist Paul Emsley three-and-a-half months to create. Emsley says he tried to capture her “warmth and personality”. Yea, “tried” being the operative word.

In true royal form, the Duchess described the painting as “amazing” and her prince charming called it “absolutely beautiful.”

We bet Kate had to hurl and it had nothing to do with the royal bun in the oven.