California police shoot armed man inside movie theater

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Theater goers had a Les Miserables time at a California movie theater on Saturday.

San Diego police say a domestic dispute ended in gun fire at a showing of Les Miserables at Reading Cinemas.

Police say the suspect publicly threatened his girlfriend with a hand gun in a nearby restaurant parking lot. For what it’s worth, police say the two have a history of domestic violence.

According to police, the man left the parking lot before the boys in blue showed up. It didn’t take long, however, for police to figure out he was hiding at the theater, trying to blend in with movie goers.

Police searched the theater, room by room.

“They walked around, and they looked through the aisles and then they kicked all the curtains, looking for somebody hiding, I guess,” said one witness. “Then, as they started to exit, that’s I guess when the shots started and then we all hit the floor and then ran for the exit.”

Police say the suspect was shot in the torso. He’s been taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

“I think with all the violence that you’ve been seeing and crazy people in this world anymore, I think, unfortunately, people knew what was going on,” a witness said.

“They knew exactly what to do,” another witness added.