The next Czech president could be a tatted up professor

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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – The Czech Republic is electing a new president and one of the nine candidates is drawing worldwide attention.

53-year-old, Vladimir Franz is an opera composer, a drama professor and holds a law degree. He is also tattooed from head to toe, has a variety of body piercings and dyed hair. Not exactly what you might expect when talking presidential presence. So it might surprise you to find out Franz is polling third with more than eleven percent of the vote. Clearly the Czech people are open minded enough not to judge a book by its cover.

Though his looks are extreme, this colorful contender’s views are not.

His platform is education, culture, morality and tolerance. The advantage he holds over other competitors is he has NO political experience; making him the only candidate who isn’t power hungry and hasn’t compromised himself- at least that’s what his supporters believe.