Creepy or comfy? Rent a butt pillow by the minute

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TOKYO, JAPAN – Butt heads are on the rise in Tokyo Japan. That’s because business is booming at Soineya, a cuddle club. A cuddle club is a caress company, a touch troop, a snuggle society. In Tokyo, if you’re lonesome tonight or just need a little TLC throw on your creepy wrestler’s mask and head to the cuddle club for a booty call of a different kind.

The menu is varied and creepy; though there’s supposedly no sex involved it’s still perfect for men with no interpersonal skills or those who just prefer to buy their women.

The newest addition to the menu is ‘cracking’ open wallets at a rapid pace. For eleven dollars, you can use a woman’s buttocks as a pillow for one minute.

Anything longer will cost you. No word on whether this woman’s butt was too bony or if you can request a woman with more ‘junk in her trunk.’

At a fine establishment like this, it stands to reason the bigger the butt pillow, the larger the fee. Also, beware: if she ‘breaks wind’ you could be in for extra charges.