DEA agent arranged prostitute for Secret Service employee last year

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CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA – Psst….Hey, Secret Service. Just because it’s a brand new year, don’t think for one second we have forgotten about those ‘sexy parties’ in Cartagena, Colombia.

But just when we thought we had heard everything about the dirty deeds done last year, the Justice Department gives us more juicy details.

It was a DEA agent who arranged for a prostitute to give one of the visiting Secret Service guys a ‘massage’ at the agent’s house.

Later, things got even more hands on, if you know what we mean.

The agent who arranged the raunchy rendezvous confessed to everything, but according to the Justice Department, the other agent who was there gave the oldest excuse in the book: he was “too drunk” to remember what happened.

Investigators found that the DEA agents used their government-issued Blackberry phones to arrange the sex romp and had deleted stuff in hopes of covering it up.

In all, 13 Secret Service employees were found to have had ‘personal encounters’ with prostitutes while they were in Cartagena.

Nine of them resigned or retired.

The reason we found out about all this in the first place?

One guy refused to pay for services rendered, and that woman called police.

C’mon man!