Homeland Security recommends disabling Java in browsers

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REDWOOD SHORES, CA – There’s some trouble brewing in Java land, and that’s no jive.

The folks at Oracle, the people who designed Java’s browser plug in, scrambled like mad over the weekend to fix a major security hole.

Miscreants found a way to use the hole to install nasty software on compromised websites. Unsuspecting visitors to these sites then open the door for cyber thieves who want your passwords, credit-card numbers, bank information, anything else of value they can get their hands on through your computer.  Yeah, Oracle released some fixes over the weekend and told the world that everything was good,

But now Homeland Security says you could be toast if you don’t disable Java in your web browser. The secretary isn’t ordering you, but if you choose not to accept the mission, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.