Lady Gaga splits pants on stage

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TACOMA, WA – Not sure if Sir-Mix-A-Lot was talking about Lady Gaga, but “baby got back!”

How Mother Monster managed to squeeze those big-buns into tiny, black latex pants for a performance in Vancouver we’ll never know, but one part of Lady Gaga’s well-rehearsed routines turned out to be anything butt.

Gaga tried hopping onto a motorcycle during her show, but it didn’t go as planned and it left her latex britches in need of some stitches. Her ripped pants left that diva-licious derriere exposed to the world yet again. Unfortunately, Gaga’s make-shift assless chaps weren’t the only Canadian costume snafu for the singer.

Gaga’s guns were-uh-blazin’ when she hit the stage in a gun-bra; take that Madonna!

However, her style choice has triggered some serious backlash and, in light of the Sandy Hook shooting, Gaga’s not getting much support for that bra.

Leaving the butts and bras out of it though, Gaga did show off something of significance as she kicked off the last leg of her tour in Tacoma, Washington. Seeing that Gaga knows a thing or two about being the ‘butt’ of a joke (as you’ve heard) the ‘Born This Way’ singer unveiled her “Born Brave Bus’  that she hopes will promote a sense of self-acceptance among her little monsters, along with offering fans mental health services and suicide prevention resources.

So, who really cares what she wears on stage when off stage she seems to be doing a lot of good. Let’s focus more on the bus and less on the bust!