Lost cat survives 190 mile walk home

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LANCASTER, PA – Either cats really do have nine lives, or they’ve just got a really strong will to survive.

The last time Jacob and Bonnie Richter saw their cat Holly was on November 4. The couple was at the Daytona Speedway Park in Daytona Beach, Florida when Holly somehow managed to get out of the couple’s motor home and disappeared. For days, Jacob and Bonnie searched and searched, but nothing. Eventually, the couple had to return home to West Palm Beach, Florida.

But the New Year brought back an old friend. Holly traveled more than 190 miles back home. A woman found her and returned her to Jacob and Bonnie.

But Holly isn’t the only feline survivor. Lancaster, Pennsylvania police say Mack was shot in the head with a hunting arrow. The arrow went into the front of Mack’s head, through his skull and out the back, narrowly missing his brain.

The vet says Mack will be fine, but will likely suffer from sinus issues for the rest of his life.

Now the hunt for the shooter begins. Yep, this was no accident. A witness reportedly saw the shooter, but they got away. Police are hoping someone comes forward with information so they can find justice for little ol’ Mack.

Gee, where’s Catwoman when you need her, right?!