NRA releases shooting app with coffin-shaped targets, Apple OK’s it

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – One month after the deadly shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school comes some news you may find hard to believe. Or not?!

Someone has put out an app that lets anyone with an iPhone practice their target shooting. And that includes kids as young as those who died in their classroom.

And who would do such a thing? Three guesses. And they spell NRA.

That’s right. The National Rifle Association is taking some serious heat for releasing this app that puts the user at a gun range and provides variety of handguns and rifles to shoot. And the targets? Well, some of them appear to be coffins.

But don’t put all on the blame on the NRA. The game is available for the iPhone and the iPad, so the timing of the release was totally up to the folks at Apple.

So, with the price of Apple stock not doing so well lately, maybe they thought the release of this app was worth a shot.