Postal service could go broke by October

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Dealing with the post office can be frustrating. But imagine if it wasn’t there. What would you do with your stamps? What would happen to stuff in your mailbox?

Now, to be clear, the old USPS probably isn’t going anywhere.  But something’s got to give. If nothing changes, it could be broke by October.

The almost 250-year-old institution lost almost $16 billion, hit its borrowing limit and defaulted twice in the last year, and congress is making it worse. They’re supposed to fix the problem, but that’s not their style.

So for now, to try to avoid mail-pocalypse, there could be some small changes to mail service. It’s hard to know what to expect, other than more of a hassle.

Maybe it’ll help that Lance Armstrong is talking about giving sponsorship money back. The reported $30 million or so, given during those doping years could really come in handy right about now. Come on Lance, just mail it in.