Russian firefighter’s hit by falling ice

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MAGADAN, RUSSIA – James Taylor may have seen fire and rain, but the guy could’ve warned us about the dangers of fire and ice.

This is one video that you have to see to believe. A Russian firefighter was trying to save a toddler at the top of a burning building in Siberia, and while making his way up his ladder a huge chunk of ice from the roof fell right on the guy’s head.

Amazingly, he was able to hang on and another firefighter climbed on up to save the folks stuck inside.

It’s probably not what he wants to hear,  but the guy’s going to need some one-on-one time with the Icy-Hot tonight!

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  • hawnheat52

    Brave, Yes. Dedicated, Absolutely. Safest approach, probably not. During 27 years of Firefighting you learn to size up and assess before initiating action. I hope there was at least an attempt to remove the ice prior to sending the firefighter up the ladder…they might have put the ladder to the side of the ice and hovered the ladder over the rooftop
    while extending a pike pole to try and chip away at the ice. Or if fire conditions allowed, had two firefighters step off ladder and chop ice from the rooftop first. Hard to say without being there, but one should always do a quick life safety assessment before initiating any action. Still, you gotta commend them for their dedication.

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