Algeria launches second rescue attempt to free hostages

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TINGANTOURINE, ALGERIA – The three-day hostage crisis in Algeria has resulted in the death of a Texas man.

The body of Frederick Buttacio was found in the natural gas facility that Islamist terrorists took over earlier in the weekend. There was no immediate indication of how or when he died.

A linked-in account shows a Fred Buttaccio as a sales operations coordinator for BP and a 1976 graduate of the University of Houston.

This news comes after the Algerian government launched a second attack to free an unknown number of hostages at the Tigantourine gas facility operated by BP, about 25 miles southwest of In Amenas.

Members of The Battalion of Blood commandeered a bus carrying workers from the facility to the airport early Wednesday morning, Algeria time. They killed at least two people and wounded six others as they took hundreds of hostages, including several Americans.

A Nederland, Texas, man was apparently among them. And that has the folks in Nederland concerned and praying.

“The phone tree at church, once we found out that he was from Nederland, everyone was calling and saying ‘Let’s keep this man in our prayers. Let’s pray for his family,'” Said Aaron Kingston.

Algeria’s state-run news agency says 573 Algerians and about 100 foreign workers are free, and that terrorists are still inside, possibly with the remaining 30 or so foreign hostages.

Unconfirmed reports say the first rescue attempt ended in the deaths of several hostages and about 35 terrorists. A hostage from Texas is believed to have been among the victims.

An Algerian who got out said the Islamist terrorists told him they would not harm the Muslims, but intended to kill all the Christians and infidels.

So, it is possible France`s intervention in the war in neighboring Mali may not be the only reason for this latest al-Qaeda attack on westerners.

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