Grow house busted by growers own stupidity

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PEARLAND, TX – The last thing you want to do if you’re in possession of an illegal substance is draw attention to yourself.

When you’re in possession of an entire illegal operation’s worth, you really don’t want the wrong people knocking on your door.

Two guys in Pearland, Texas didn’t get that memo.

Brazoria County officials say something was smokin’ in the 3600 block of Hanover Circle. Neighbors called the fire department.

When the big red trucks showed up, firefighters discovered the residents were just burning some stuff in their fireplace.

But that’s not all they discovered.

They found a big pole o’ pot.

Authorities say once mature, the plants would have been worth a street value of $517,000.

Officers arrested 26-year-old Peter Pham and 24-year-old Jonathan Ho.

What were these dopes doing with all that dope? That’s the burning question.

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