Manti Te’o talks to ESPN

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After days of silence, Notre dame linebacker, Manti Te’o is finally opening up about the whole fake dead girlfriend thing.

Late Friday night, Te’o, along with his lawyer, sat down with ESPN.

Although he did admit to lying about having met Lennay Kekua in person, you know, the girlfriend he said died of leukemia this past fall.

Te’o maintains he had nothing to do with the hoax and that even he wasn’t sure it was all fake until the alleged mastermind called and confessed last week.

That’s supposedly a guy named Ronaiah Tuiasospo, who, get this, went to high school with Diane O’Meara.

She’s the real woman in the photo that Te’o thought was Kekua, and apparently she is not happy that her image is part of this.

Looks like there’s still more questions than answers in this increasingly bizarre tale.

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