Two Iranian men hanged over assault posted on YouTube

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Do the crime, pay the time, right? Two guys in Iran paid a lot more than just time for a YouTube video they posted. According to Iran`s state radio, two 24-year old men were publically hanged for posting a video on YouTube, which showed them robbing and assaulting a man with a machete on a street in Tehran.

The charge? “Waging war against God.”  Yea, it’s a real thing over there. It’s a broad charge that covers everything from anti-state organizing to violent assaults.

The execution was swift after officials called for a speedy investigation and trial, thanks to public outrage.

Two accomplices were lucky after receiving only a 10 year-sentence and 74 lashes each.

Let’s hope Saeed Abedini, a pastor and father of two from Idaho, has some luck on his side, too.  He has been in an Iranian prison for the past four months, accused of preaching Christianity. His wife, Naghmeh, claims Saeed was only there to start an orphanage.

Saeed could be facing the death penalty, though his wife says he remains hopeful he’ll be released.

We’re hoping for the same thing, Saeed.

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