Pet ownership is up, visits to vet are down

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HOUSTON, TX – As pet lovers will tell you, pets bring joy to your life.

James Oaks agrees, “I love her. She loves me and keeps my life energetic.  We have fun together.”

Many Texans agree with James and that’s why Texas is number nine on the list of states with the most dog owners.

This Fido fact comes from the American Veterinary Medical Association which releases a survey every five years with interesting tidbits as well as trends in care by owners.

This year’s most alarming discovery is that fewer Fidos and Fluffys are getting their yearly checkup.

In 2011, the AMVA says only 81% of dog owners and 55% of cat owners took their pet to the vet. Their records show these percentages have dropped drastically in the last five years – 8% for dogs and 24% for cats – though it’s easy to figure out why.

Kelly Creswell explains, “It’s very expensive to have a pet now. That’s why I’m a one pet owner.”

“It’s getting more and more expensive each year. It really is taking a bit out of my budget… but for my dog I’ll do that,” says Oaks.

So what state has the most dog owners?  Arkansas. Cat owners? Vermont.

The District of Columbia had the lowest rate of dog and cat ownership in the country; which is ironic as you’d think all the politicians would need at least one friend.