Body of lottery winner killed by cyanide exhumed

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CHICAGO, IL – Most of us would like to end up in a mansion after winning the lottery, not a mausoleum, or even just a grave.

But that’s where Illinois resident Urooj Khan ended up after winning one million dollars last June.

But he didn’t stay buried for long. The medical examiner in Chicago dug up Kahn’s body after a relative suggested to cops that someone may have poisoned the unlucky lottery winner.

The first ruling was that Khan died from hardening of the arteries the day after receiving his lottery check. The body showed no trauma and the blood test didn’t raise any questions.

But a closer look in September found cyanide in his blood.

His wife says not to look at her, even though she’s the one who fixed his last meal of lamb curry.

The medical examiner conducted a more thorough autopsy shortly after digging him up, but it will be about three weeks before investigators find out how a lethal dose of cyanide got into Khan’s body.

The odds of winning the lottery are probably better than dying from cyanide poisoning.

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