Second Texan man confirmed killed in Algeria

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texanTIGANTOURINE, ALGERIA – A second Texan is confirmed dead in the Islamist terror attack on the Tigantourine gas plant in Algeria.

The family of Nederland native, Victor Lovelady, 57, learned of his death Saturday. The family is reported to have received a call from the state department on Friday saying he was alive. He had been in Algeria for ten days before the al Qaeda splinter group calling itself The Bloody Battalion launched a two-pronged attack last week.

“I think it’s horrible to learn anytime of anyone’s death, but particularly as a hostage in this period of unrest in Algeria,” said Rev. Frank Varro, a neighbor.

On Friday, the state department confirmed a Katy man, Fred Buttaccio, was also killed. He worked for BP.

A third Texan, Mark Cobb, apparently was not injured. Cobb is the general manager of the plant operated by BP

And the State Department has confirmed the death of a third American, Gordon Lee Rowan.

The terrorists took hundreds of hostages. Many of the hostages escaped before the Algerian military launched three deadly raids described as rescue attempts.

The government attacks resulted in the deaths of 37 foreign hostages. The Algerian government says they can’t identify seven of the hostages.

An Algerian hostage said last week the Islamist terrorists told him they would not harm the Muslims, but intended to kill all the Christians and infidels.

And, there are reports that two Canadians and a Frenchman are among the 52 dead terrorists. And the initial investigation shows some of the Islamist attackers had worked at the plant for up to one year, on short-term contracts.

If so, this would mean last week`s attack was planned well before France started helping Mali defeat Islamist rebels, which al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb says was the reason. It also may point to this being an inside job, which would explain a lot of things.

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