Chinese censors new James Bond flick

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HONG KONG, CHINA – Over the years, James Bond has survived bombs, bullets and even lasers.

But it appears that not even 007 can survive the dreaded Chinese censors who used their license to kill to eliminate some key scenes out of the new Bond flick ‘Skyfall’.

The censors reportedly changed subtitles to suggest the new Bond girl’s tattoo had nothing to do with being forced by the Chinese into childhood prostitution.

And the censors cut the whole scene where the French hitman shoots a Chinese security guard in the lobby of a skyscraper.

But this is nothing new. The Chinese even cut out Chow Yun-Fat’s entire Sao Feng character in ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’.

Even the Men in Black felt the cruel cut of the Chinese censors in MIB 3 Chinese pedestrians and space aliens disguised as Chinese restaurant workers were not seen in China.