Danny Glover offers unique interpretation of the Second Amendment

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COLLEGE STATION, TX – Actor Danny Glover is starring in the upcoming HBO movie about boxer Muhammad Ali’s fight with Uncle Sam during the Vietnam War. Glover plays Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

But Glover may have immersed himself too deeply into the part. Besides being an actor and advocate for liberal causes, he now fancies himself an expert on the Constitution.

In a recent visit to Texas A&M University, Glover shared his knowledge about the Second Amendment, knowledge that seems to have escaped most Americans.

“We talk about the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, I don’t know if people know the genesis of the right to bear arms,’ says Glover. ‘The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect, for settlers to protect themselves from slave revolts and from uprising by Native Americans. So, revolts from people who were stolen from their lands or revolt from people whose land was stolen from.”

So you get that? Sounds like Glover has a unique view of history. Maybe his tongue is a lethal weapon.