Django slave dolls pulled from store shelves

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CLARK, NJ – It’s a very adult movie with a very serious subject matter. So, why the production company of Quentin Tarantino’s newest hit, Django Unchained, thought turning the movie’s characters (AKA slaves and their masters) into action figures was a good marketing plan, we may never know.

Fortunately you won’t ever be forced to explain to your kids why they can’t have a slave doll in the middle of the toy store, because those tasteless action figures are being taken out of action.

The dolls were pulled from store shelves after the production company caught all kinds of flack about the questionable figurines from civil rights groups.

No worries though. If you’re still looking for an age-inappropriate, violent toy for your little one.

All of Tarantino’s action figures from his Kill Bill movies are still available for purchase at a store near you!