Flu season causes blood donations to drop

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TOPEKA, KS – Got blood? Forget vampires. The Red Cross is first in line. Blood shortages have been reported in America thanks to the flu. It’s simple: people are too sick to come out and donate blood.

In Kansas, health officials say they’re in dire need for o-negative and b-negative blood types.

“We are in a critical need. The hospital always needs the blood, and so we are asking anyone who is healthy right now to donate,” said Julie Fischer, Red Cross donor recruitment representative.

As for H-town, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center says its business as usual. No shortages have been reported, but they say it’s always a good idea to donate if you can since it’s an on-going need.

But if you have the flu, wait until your symptoms are gone before you donate. Also be sure to contact the blood bank if you develop flu symptoms after you donate.

Geez, the Red Cross is having a shortage now? Just wait until the summer, when the real blood suckers (mosquitoes) come out.