Man robs restaurant with bucket on his head

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SLIDELL, LA – We’ve seen plenty of interesting robber disguises.

There was Darth Vader, Gumby, even a clown. Now there’s Mister Bucket Head.

Slidell, LA Police say the burglar behind the bucket is Richard Boudreaux, a former employee of the Kenny’s Seafood restaurant he’s accused of breaking into.

Boudreax almost thought this through. He decked himself out in camouflage and even wore gloves. But he forgot a face mask.

So, he used what he apparently thought was the next best thing and stuck a bucket on his head.

Boudreax got away with some cash from the register, but it didn’t take long for him to be identified. He had to lift the bucket in order to see, revealing his foolish face.

It looks like in this case the bucket doubles as a dunce hat.