Atari files for bankruptcy yet again

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HOUSTON, TX – The company which in its heyday owned 70% of the video game market now has little to show for it.

But for avid gamers like Charlie Kalas, who refurbishes and sells classic video games at Joystix, that doesn’t matter.

“Out of all the different game manufacturers, and there have been a ton of them, Atari has the most synonymous name when it comes to gaming,” says Kalas.

Some of you younger folks may not recognize some of the old games, Pong being one of the first to flood the market.

“They were very innovative at the time and they wanted all the games to be different. They never made the same game sequel-wise. Centipede had a really unique roller controller, there were other games that came out, that were really fun, so there was always cutting edge, and that’s what people loved about Atari.”

Atari is now owned by Atari S.A., a French company, that just isn’t doing so well.  Filing for bankruptcy may be a way to free the company from its French parent to start again.

Though they haven’t come up with any new games since the late 90’s, they’ve been licensing their retro games to be re-lived by younger generations, and would like to market app’s, so people can enjoy the original games on their mobile devices.

“The Atari game that I have that’s worth the most by far is called Major Havoc.  They made 300 of them and that was back in 1983. This one’s worth about $6000 because it was never on a location.”

Maybe we’ll see new Atari games in the future, but if not, you always know where to find them at Joystix downtown.

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