British granny sentenced to death for smuggling cocaine

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DENPASAR, BALI – You can count on grandmas for a couple of things. Force feedings during your visit, and a never ending medicine cabinet. One British grand-mum is learning that if she would’ve stuck to prescriptions she wouldn’t be sitting in prison.

Indonesian officials say 56-year-old Lindsay Sandiford was arrested last May carrying a suitcase full of cocaine worth an estimated $2.6 million.

Prosecutors in Bali initially asked for a 15-year sentence but a panel of judges thought that wasn’t nearly tough-enough, so they sentenced the ole’ gal to death saying she showed no regret for what she had done.

Sandiford’s lawyer said she acted under the threat of violence to her family, but we’ve also seen the National Geographic show, Locked Up Abroad, so we’re thinking that’s not going to fly.

She has 14-days to file an appeal, but it’s not looking good. They’ve got granny, they’ve got the coke, but there’s no smile.

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