Manti Te’o admits to lying briefly about his fake girlfriend

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NEW YORK, NY – You can forgive a guy for having an imaginary girlfriend, because he’s either 5-years-old or he’s doing time in the joint, and she’s a whole lot hotter than the guys around him, even if she is only two-dimensional.

But a big boy with dreams of playing professional football, where the chicks are so plentiful you have to hire bodyguards just to go to the bathroom, shouldn’t need imaginary girlfriends.

Yet, that’s apparently the case for Notre Dame’s All-America linebacker Manti Te’o.

To recap: Te’o claimed to have a girlfriend he never met, to whom he committed himself online because that’s where they had their relationship. Then Lennay Kekua got hurt in an accident and died of cancer the same day his grandmother died.

The whole world wept upon hearing that story.

Now, Te’o has come clean to Katie Couric, admitting that he lied just a little, but that he had no part in creating the hoax.

And he says he learned of the hoax when the real Kekua called him.

Apparently the girl in the photos, Diane O’meara, says Teo’s friend, Ronaiah Tuiasocopo ‘fessed up and apologized to her.

For some reason, we kinda think we haven’t heard the last from Te’o, but if this pro football thing doesn’t work out for him he might find a career in cycling or even politics where even little lies can be turned into success.

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