Could Texas become a blue state?

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AUSTIN, TX – For more than 100 years Texas was a ‘blue state’ lead by a Democratic governor, but for the last 33 years the state has only seen red. Now, according to Politico, Texas democrats are on a mission to turn the state blue again and make it a ‘player’ in presidential elections.

The Lone Star Project and Battleground Texas are two groups with this goal and they’ll be courting all voters, but especially Hispanics and Latinos. Not surprisingly, that’s who the Republicans are after, as they too try to re-brand their image.

“We’ve got to stop being the stupid party,” says Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to fellow GOP’ers at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. “‘We must stop insulting the intelligence of voters. We are not the party of big business, big banks, big Wall Street bailouts or big corporate loopholes or big anything.”

One GOP strategist said voters will see a renewed, aggressive effort to put on a new face and don’t be surprised if that new face is a minority (like Marco Rubio).

If you’re a minority in Texas you`re going to be very popular with both parties when election season rolls around.