Four Seasons sues NAACP for unpaid bill

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HOUSTON, TX – Delegates at last July’s NAACP convention in Houston were doing a lot of praisin’, but apparently the civil rights group is a little late on the payin’.

At least that’s what the Four Seasons hotel in Houston says in a lawsuit filed earlier this month.

The hotel says it hasn’t had any luck collecting more than $99,000, including finance charges, for the tab the group ran up during the July convention.  No one with the organization will talk with us, but then, no one is talking with the hotel, either, apparently.

‘How to stiff a vendor’, if indeed that’s what’s being done here, was not on the schedule of events that included a video appearance from President Obama, and a key note speech from Vice President Biden.

Mitt Romney and Attorney General Eric Holder also showed up.  Maybe the four of them could pass the hat to help the group pay its bills.